Question about Ref column Drop downs

Hello guys is there maybe a way I can add a date(Permit Date Column) in backets or something next to my key in the drop when using a ref column?

something like this?

or maybe another suggestion , basically they need to see the bc number(key) and the date to know which is the right one?

One approach is to make the Date column a label column. However, I suspect you have many records with one date value. So Date as label may not work. If so, you may explore the below approach.

You could create a VC in the parent table with an expression something like CONCATENATE([Existing Key Column], " - ", [Permit Date Column]) and please assign it as a label column. This label column will display in the dropdown showing dates as well.


oh wow this work great thanks very very much

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I works but when i save the label turn off again?

this work like a charm , use this if you guys plan to use more than one label

thanks for the help again

Yes, the child table’s back end sheet will save only the key. If you wish to pull in the label as well, please use a dereference expression ([Ref Column].[Label Column]) in the child table in another column.

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