Question about security filters and blank rows

I have an app in which a relatively small number of rows of data are stored in one table for “active” cases until they are “finished” (no longer require action). Then they are added to another table with an “add a new row to another table” action and erased from the “active” table. This results in many blank lines in the Google sheet for the active table.

The app is working well but I’m wondering if the build up of blank rows over time is something I should worry about. Should I use some sort of security filter to improve efficiency? Or, does the fact that the rows are blank mean that AppSheet is already ignoring them and I don’t need to worry about them?

By the way, I’m assuming that there’s no way to avoid having lots of blank lines in a case like mine. If I’m wrong about that, please let me know.

For all practical purposes, AppSheet ignores any row without a key column value (which includes blank rows).

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Thanks for the confirmation, @Steve!

I think the only limitation was something about Excel spreadsheets and if there was a key in the maximum row the sheet supports (like a million or something). Even if every other row was blank, I think errors would occur. Something obscure like that.