Question about show-type column for conditional branching

I understood that with a show-type column of category page-header and its` show-if expression you can show or hide all the columns between this show-type column and the next-in-line in the spreadsheet table (intended for conditional branching). But the effect of setting the show-if condition to FALSE is that only the page-header disappears, but not the page (brake) as such. Applying the show-if condition to the column input fields does not help, either, but only leads to a blank page, and I still need to click on next to proceed.
So what did I miss ?
What I want to achieve is filling a table where one piece of information only needs to be specified once, at the beginning (like location). Thx.

You cannot hide the first page when utilizing multiple pages.

If you’re only going to have one field on the page at a time, I would suggest utilizing show if formulas instead of splitting things into pages.

  • Column2’s Show if = isnotblank([Column1])
  • Column3’s Show if = isnotblank([Column2])
  • etc.

Pages are helpful when you’ve got a grouping of fields that have some sort of similar theme or something.


Good to know, and thanks for the tip - perhaps the AppSheet team could mention this (more prominently ?) in their documention.

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