Question about table in Report (parent and child)


I’m trying to accomplish this but I’m having trouble. Please help.

Thank you.

Hi Mauricio,

Can you describe the problem in more detail and tell us the error are you seeing?

I have two tables. In the first one i have name, date and other columns. In the second table I have a name, date and other columns. In the second on the table on the valid_if for the name column i have a select expresion that basically returns the name entered in the first table.

I have two slices one for the 1st table (Meter Readings) that is filtered by date and tech. The other slice is filtered by date and tech. What i want to accomplish is in the report. I want to be able to show the records for the first table/slice and then in the report i want a table that shows the records for the second table/slice. I created the template and it works fine but not the way i want it to show. I want to have the records from the first table on top and in the bottom of that i want a table with the headings of the seconds table and all of the records. like this

This is what i got

I know it has to do with the Start expression but that I’m having trouble with