Question about templates Template <<Start: ...


Question about templates Template

<<Start: SELECT(Start Day[_ComputedKey], [Date]= TODAY()-1, true)>> Inside this I want to place a related table that sends back a list with the same date condition, my question is (I think) do I need to point this list to the “related” table to the actual table? And do I need to add the same date condition?

For example I’ve been trying different variations: (This isn’t all of the columns I want to list, I’m just trying to get it to show up) <<Start: Trips>><<[Passenger Count]>><> <<Start: [Trips[Date]= TODAY()-1]>><<[Passenger Count]>><> <<Start: Trips[Date]= TODAY()-1>><<[Passenger Count]>><> <> etc… and each time I get an error… “Trips” is a related table. Thanks for your help!

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Rod I think the problem is with this expression:

<<Start: Trips>><<[Passenger Count]>><>

In a Start expression, the expression after the colon must yield a list of records. Specifically, it must yield a list of key values of the table rows to be used in the Start expression. This means that the expression must point to a specific key column of the table. However, the expression “Trips” appears to be only the name of the table.


It was and it wasn’t, I had to change the Key column to make it work. Thanks for pointing that out.