Question about URL columns with links to Goog...


Question about URL columns with links to Google Drive “link sharing”.

I am in a company that uses google suite applications.

I have logged in appsheet using my business google account.

I have a table with URL links to some google documents (with link sharing enabled).

When try to use those links on my iPhone, I have to re-authenticate with google sign-in each and every time.

Since I am already logged in with my google account, I was hoping the URL links the app is launching would be considered as logged in as well, but that is not the case.

Any ideas how to get around this so users can click a URL without having to log in again?

Not a good user experience.

Hoping there is another approach.

btw: I am using URL’s rather than static files so any updates on the google drive file is automatically what is showing from the appsheet link.


Looks like “LaunchExternal” setting in the URL Column definition solves this.

Can anyone tell me what the “IsHyperLink” setting does?

I cannot seem to find info in the support section.

The URL fields I set have this set to “false” and I don’t know why.

It was not obvious to me what setting this to “true” actually does.

Anyone know?