Question About using ISBLANK

I am trying to get to a table then column name

ISBLANK(ADD emergency[_thisrow].[Work Order])

ADD emergency — is my table name
Work Order — is my column name

I want get it to check in the column named work order is blank in the table ADD emergency
What am i doing wrong here ?

Thanks for the help in advanced

Is the table you are using this formula in the ADD emergency table? if you so you don’t need the table name or thisrow.

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I am adding a action button to a table called CM Jobs
and I only want the action button to show up if the Work Order column in the other table is not blank

so you’re gonna need to have something that references the ADD emergency table from the CM Jobs table. If the CM Jobs table has a reference column to the ADD emergency table then you would use [Key for ADD emergency].[Work Order]

If there isn’t a direct reference then you’ll need to use a select statement to get the [Work Order] column using whatever fields can link the two tables together.

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Thanks for the help