Question - app formula not writing in sheets

Hi Community !

Facing an issue:

  • I use a expression in Virtual column that gives the expected result.
  • I use the same expression in Normal column, that does not do anything, not even pretend to calculate :rofl:
  • More surprising: Test button gives correct result on this very same row.

So, my question is: what am I missing here ?

Settings look normal:

  • Show ON
  • Editable ON
  • Data validity EMPTY
  • Auto compute : app formula, that’s all

I found an old post talking about setting Editable to false instead of just tick/untick, if my understanding was correct, but that did do any impact on result.

Any idea of how the result can’t be wrote down on Sheets ?

Many thanks in advance !

An App formula expression for a normal (non-virtual) column is only recomputed when the row it’s in is otherwise updated in some way, such as when saved from a form or modified by an action.

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Oh great, thanks !
I though that it would be recomputed as any other virtual column. I will keep that in mind for future !

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