Question: Filtering EnumList according to a previous answer

Hi everyone, sorry to bother you again, it’s been a while since i worked with appsheet and somethings slipped through my mind and a few others never knew how to do them.

This time I have the following problem.

My form has a question that goes like “Which of the following brands did you buy in the last 3 months” type EnumList because you can choose more than one.

Then the following question is… “Which of the brands you bought is your most used one?”, also a type EnumList question, but here the idea is to filter and only show the brands that the user picked on the first option.

Any way to do this?


Dependent Dropdowns as described here may help


That was my first thought, but to be honest I was looking for something more simple. Just like a show_if or something like that but related to the enum options.


Perhaps you should reconsider dependent drop-downs. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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Fixed. Thanks for the help guys.

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