Question for the community: any recommendatio...

(Robert Lerner) #1

Question for the community: any recommendations for a low-cost mysql host? Thanks.

(Simon Robinson) #2

Any reason why it has to be MySQL?

(Robert Lerner) #3

@Simon_Robinson Thanks Simon. My initial problem was a need for way more than 100,000 rows, and that was suggested as a possibility. But the fatal problem that has now emerged is the non-support of databases under new pricing for publisher pro.

(Simon Robinson) #4

Depending on the number of columns, Google sheets will let you have 2M cells.

But you can also join sheets together in Appsheet.

(Robert Lerner) #5

@Simon_Robinson Simon, that’s extremely interesting. The file now has about 3M cells, but I will play around and see if it can be reduced. Thanks a million.

(Robert Lerner) #6

@Robert_Lerner Simon, it turns out that the problem is a hard 100,000 row limit with AppSheet - Google Sheet has no problem. Unfortunately, this otherwise really nice platform appears to no longer be usable for public-facing apps having fairly large files. A lot of wasted time on my part. Thanks again for trying to help.