Question from Keisha: "Can you add multiple g...

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Question from Keisha: “Can you add multiple google forms to one App in Appsheet?”

As long as you’ve created a sheet to collect your form responses, you can add as many as you’d like as new data sources for your app.

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Hi Peter! All of my forms are connected to their own spreadsheets. That is not the issue. I just know you can add app sheet from the spreadsheet, or from the form. However i have some google addons that are only triggered from the form, and others that are only accessible by the spreadsheet. That said, I needed to be sure that more than one actual Google Form could be added to Appsheet now. A long time ago, you could actually only add one google form, per App. Everything else has to be spreadsheets to expand it. As i am working on a workflow based on submissions from my APP, There are many other triggers that happen in the Back of the House (BOH) that I need to be triggered by certain input. So I really could tie a lot together with multiple forms added to the App, not just spreadsheets and 1 form. It kind of stopped my progress from using Appsheet for awhile, until Zapier came along. Now i am back with Appsheet, to do for me what it couldn’t in the past. Still this concern remains. Can I add multiple forms? otherwise it puts a lot of strain on my Zapier account, and not sure that will suffice.


@Keisha_Brown Just to clarify, even when using the forms add-on the app is ultimately only connecting to the response spreadsheet, not the form itself. In the “prepare” step the add-on modifies the spreadsheet by attaching information derived from the form. In the “lauch” step it creates a new app with the response sheet set as the data source of the initial table, or updates the existing app if you’ve already build one from a given form.

With that in mind, you can add any number of form response sheets as different tables within the same app. The add-on can be used to prepare each sheet by running the “prepare” step, but instead of “launch” (which would try to make a new app) you can then go to the existing app in the editor and add the additional response sheets as new tables. The system should treat the form information that the “prepare” step added to the sheets in the same way it does when launching a new app from the add-on.