Question: How should I create this particular expression?

Hi! I am having trouble creating an expression that works for this scenario. I have two tables that I am dealing with.

Connection - A table of requests
[Requested of…] - Which company the request is supposed to go to

Companies - A table with companies and their main email contact
[Company] - A company
[Main Contact] - The email contact that the request is supposed to go to

I have a workflow that is supposed to send an email to the [Main Contact] for the company indicated in the [Requested of…] column. For example, if I [request of…] “Gonnella”, then it should look at the Companies table and find the email listed in the “Gonnella” row. I tried using lookup expressions, but could not figure it out. Any ideas? Thanks

Maybe something like… LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Requested of],“Companies”,“Company”,“Main Contact”)

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That worked! Thanks!

You’re welcome