Question: How to selectively (yet automatical...

(Neil Boisen) #1

Question: How to selectively (yet automatically) sync rows based on user input?

Details: I want users to be able to “test” the app by entering data during training.

So I added a field/question that let’s the user indicate if the data they are entering is “test” or “actual” data.

Initially, I merely filtered out the “test” data, but then I have many rows of data that I have to exclude from analysis.

So then I decided to add an action that “Deletes” any “test” rows after saving.

Now the back-end only contains “good” data and no filter is needed.


I get many, many blank rows were the “test” data was synchronized and then deleted.

So is there a way to make synchronization contingent upon a certain value in my “Test” column?

Or is there a better solution for managing “test” data?

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

Sync is not programmable. If you are using Gsheets, you can use Google apps script to write a script that manages your test data.