Question. I made updates to the app yesterday...

(Segolene Sansom) #1

Question. I made updates to the app yesterday before we used it today but didn’t have time to troubleshoot everything and have one column of type enum which has text enum values but a number subtype. This is creating an error during sync. If I update the app for that column to be subtype text will my users be able to sync or will it not work cos their app version is updated?

Otherwise I know I can go through recovery mode but I will have an excess of 1000 changes to bring across and not looking forward to doing that manually.

Would appreciate any comments!

(Multi Tech Visions) #2

@Segolene_Sansom sorry to hear about the problems.

I’ve been there before.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for this.

You’ll have to put the app in recovery and fix the data.

Luckily, spreadsheets are easy to work with.

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@MultiTech_Visions dang that is not what i wanted to hear - oh well thanks for the answer and here comes the long way around then!

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