Question:image does not display although in drive folder?

Hi there,

I change recently the default app folder to a team drive, set the folder image in this team drive…everything looks OK.
I made a test, and adding a new picture from the app creates the picture in the correct folder.
At first, I got the images partially displayed in the app.
Step by step, more and more pictures were displayed in the app.
I guessed this was a matter of internal synchronization with AppSheet servers and Google Drive servers.

But : it’s been more than a week now, and images are still not all displayed in the app, although they exist in the Drive Folder.

In my process, I accidentally made duplicates from a few pictures in the same folder (exact same names), but I noticed that the ones not displaying were not the ones duplicated, so I guess this is not an issue.

So, my question is: is that a known issue ? Is there a way to force sync someway ?

Many thanks in advance

Please contact for help with this.

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