Question on App Documentation for my app

Info.Properties.AppDocumentation “The documentation page for this app is available here”

Is the documentation produced by this 100% complete? I have to make a change to data in a core table that will require edits to actions, workflows and tons of expressions.

My documentation is 443 pages long but searching on my column name will make the changes very easy, tedious, but easy.

I assume it is complete, but I just want to make sure that nothing is left out of the Documentation.


I can’t say definitively what may be missing from the automated app documentation. What I can say, is I regularly use the app documentation to do exactly what you are describing, and it has worked for me in every case.

For example, when renaming a column, you can just ctrl+f for that column name and systematically replace its variable throughout the application, until it no longer appears in the automatic app documentation.


^can attest to doing the exact same thing.


Thanks @Austin_Lambeth and @Jonathon. I’ve got a long few days ahead of me but the documentation makes it reasonable.

I left the tab open with the documentation I’m using to edit the app. It UPDATED!

I certainly did NOT expect that. I was on 169 out of 208 instances. Now there are 199 instances. I can easily find where I was but I certainly didn’t expect an open document to update to the current app structure and expressions…

Is that normal behavior? I had saved a copy so even if it was an issue, I could always refer to that.

Just wondering.


Yes - just refresh the page and it will be up-to-date. :slight_smile:

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