Question orderby in Attachment template

I have a template that runs in the table cliente , but i use informations from table registros,

Start expression that is currently in use:
select([Registros][ID],AND([Descrição Serviço]=”Coxo”,[Status]=”Medição”))
New Start expression I tried to use:
orderby(select([Registros][ID],AND([Descrição Serviço]=”Coxo”,[Status]=”Medição”)),[Lista de Preço].[Resíduo])

It gave me the error lista de preço doesn’t exist in table, does the sort key use the rows and columns from the select or the target data from the workflow ?

ORDERBY() | AppSheet Help Center here in arguments it says “The expression is evaluated in the context of the row being considered” so I tought it would use the columns from the select.

Is it my misunderstanding? @Steve

ORDERBY() will use the columns of the row the ID column refers to:



It seems i had missed something but got it working now , Thanks!

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