Question Regarding Sales Order/Line Item App

Hi AppSheet Gurus,

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am working on building an application with AppSheet and am running into a challenge finding a solution for a specific part of the app. I have looked at sample apps, etc, for guidance, but have not found a solution yet.

The use case here is that I have a sales order. A user builds a sales order using a form. One part of the sales order is a set of line items that are sourced from a large catalog of items. I have a search form setup to enable the user to search the catalog. However, where I need to help is having the app bring up all matching products and enabling the user to pick one. The app would then place the selected product in the line item list.

Can anyone point me to a real world example of doing this in Appsheet or provide some guidance?


May be you are looking for this type of solution

I have gone through this tutorial, it is very beautifully explained. But there is one issue still pending is that of adding QTY with ENUMLIST action. I am also searching for the solution.