Questions About Domain Change

Hello all,

In december our company will get a rebrand, new name and also a new domain. I know that I can transfer my apps to a new e-mail adress, so when we switch, I just transfer every app we have. So this is not the problem.

My problem is how do I get all the databases (google sheets) and image / document folders into the Google Drive of the new domain? Is there an easy way to do this?

What about paths? How can I make sure, that my apps do still have the correct path to the sheets and folders?

Thanks a lot in advance.



My company just changed the domain too, I did not have anything to do, a seamless transition.

My company was and still is a Gsuite consumer, I assume yours too.

Here the reply of AppSheet Team after the switch :

" From our end, it appears that the change was made on the authentication side by your company’s domain admins, which is why the transfer wasn’t required. On our database side, it appears that your account is hosted under , and the search for the old email address turns up empty since it has been deactivated by your domain admins. Therefore the billing is continuous and does not require any additional work on your or our side."

My company seems just to have changed the authentification, don’t know if your company will apply the same process. [ same drive name Etc… ]

I just had to login in with my new domain address and Voilà !! like if it was the same account.

Are you sure you will have a new shared drive and have to move all your files?

Don’t know how you deal with your data, but if you keep the same “appsheet local data structure” to a new drive just update your Default folder path in your account settings.

Same for your Default app folder in the Info > properties > APP PROPERTIES

It would be good to secure some of this point with your admin drive.

Hey Jeremie

Thanks a lot for your response.

I’m actually not sure how the process of a gSuite Domain change works. I do have a meeting on wednesday discussing how we can do this.

Thanks to you, I know to ask about the authentification.

Thanks a lot for your time.