Questions for Report Templates

Hi everyone, I am having some trouble figuring out report templates and I have some questions.

What I have figured out is that the table used for the workflow already has an implicit Start function. The problem is I want to show data that is not necessarily related. How it makes sense to me is that you need a list of key values for a table you want to show data from. Something like:
<<Start: Select(Batches[BatchNo], [BatchNo] = [_THISROW].[BatchNo_ID])>>

BatchNo is the key value for the batches table and BatchNo_ID is the Batch Number field for the packaging table. This should return a list with one entry. Due to reasons the packaging table is not related to the batches table. What happens is none of the fields in Batches are displaying. For example after that start expression for Batches I enter <<[BatchNo]>> with an <<“End”>> and nothing is displayed. I can’t see the error of my ways as this is exactly how the literature explains it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You doesn’t need to have relationship between these two tables… it should still work. Try to write << End >> instead of <<“End”>>

I only added the “” because it was not displaying correctly in the question. Without the “” it looks like this <>

This is how I’m testing it. It only returns the [BatchNo_ID] of the packaging table and blank for the rest

Is it using slice as a source or do you have any security filter in that table?

Do you trigger that Workflow/template from packaging table?

Try to change the <<[BatchNo].[BatchNo]>> part if the reason is there.

Ah I had a pesky security filter. I just changed the order in my workflow to save the file before the field used for security filter gets updated. Thanks so much!