Questions regarding Maps and Geolocation.

Hi guys.

I did ask Appsheet support and they referred me to this forum.

I am planning to build a hiking mobile app (maybe like Alltrails) because my Norwegian web site for hiking is getting very popular.

I have taken a look at Appssheet and your solution looks good.

But I have few questions.

  1. A function I would need in this app is the posibilty to display a GPX file (GPX-track) on a map.
    Is this something that can be done with Appsheet. Displaying a KML file wil also work for me.

  2. Is it possible to swith map provider in the app? I see that now are using Google maps. Is it possible to switch to Mapbox, Openstreetmap or use or any other maps provider? I.e:

Looking forward to hear from you guys.

Kind regards form Norway.

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For displaying a KML file

To enable a KML layer in your map, edit the column definition of any Address or LatLong column type to add a link to a hosted KML file in the Optional Url form KML File setting.

There are some constraints on the size of KML files that can be displayed:

  • Maximum fetched file size (raw or compressed): 3MB
  • Maximum uncompressed KML file size: 10MB
  • Maximum number of network links: 10
  • Maximum number of total document-wide features: 1000
  • Maximum number of KML layers: 10 to 20

These constraints are established by Google Maps; we do not have the ability to modify them.

AppSheet supports KML but does not support GPX.


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