Questions to be answered for a Filtered View

I have a Table Entries with the following Columns. {Entries}.[Track],[Racing Date],[Race No],[Horse No] [Horse Name][Trainer] [Jockey] …

Column Track is referenced in a table {Tracks}[Track Logo][Track Location]…

To view the entries we are looking that the user selects the track. We did a gallery view with the Tracks. So when user click on Track Logo it opens an inline view of Related Entries (). Here is where the problem starts.
We would like to filter by date.
All Views are available except Form View in the Inline View. So we cannot go further.

If we use the group by Racing Date. We have two problems: 1. the All Group that can send user to the jungle. 2. The Racing Dates are showed like number 45654 with a Warning Symbol.

So it seems that this is not the way.

We would like to go after Racing Date go to Race No and show a filtered data of horses for that Race. Basically, a table view.

  1. Any one has an idea of doing this filtering best way without forms?
  2. This is a common thing in many database apps.? Why this filters aren’t preprogrammed so can be added in Check Boxes?

You are probably looking for something more elegant or specific. The following approach, even though not very user-friendly, will do the needful.

  1. You could have an action LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Entries_Inline”, [Track]=[_THISROW].[Track])
    Have this action as “Row Select” event action in the Tracks table gallery view.

  2. Once the user has navigated to the filtered entries, the user could use [Racing Date] to filter the races on the dates the user wishes to see.

A similar example of navigation from gallery view to table view to further filtering by dates is demonstrated in the video below.

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Hi Thanks. But is not good. Most users are dumb and they won’t realize that there is a filter in the search box.

Well, if I may add that filter option is added as a new feature by AppSheet. I of course , respect your judgement on your users’ behvaior. I also agree that the positioning of filter could be more prominant in the desktop view. In the mobile view, I believe it is good.

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