Quick Edit Bugs?


Looking into a possible bug for our users.

When using quick edit to update records users reporting that values ‘blanking’ is causing trouble - see below screenshot of missing product info.


I have the column width set to wide so the majority of data will be visible so when editing this disappearance causes problems to the process.

Users also reported that when they scroll down to the bottom of the table view (which is sometimes necessary), hitting quick edit down the list brings them to the top automatically. They have to re-scroll all over again.

Advice appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

Concerning the Product label disappearing, you should reach out to support@appsheet.com. I believe it to be a bug.

Concerning the scrolling, when Table Quickedit is activated, the app actually goes into another view. It is possible for the new view to “remember” context and open at the same location. But this would need to be a Feature Request.

In the meantime, the act of users scrolling and then going into Quickedit likely means they found A row that needs changed. If this is the use case, I would recommend surfacing an Inline action button for each row providing the user the capability of editing just that single row.

Alternatively, since your Products seem to be ordered, it might be that users are searching for a set of Product rows to edit. If that is the use case then you might consider providing a search capability to filter the rows. The Quickedit will then open based on the filtered rows.