Quick edit field label size

Is there a way to increase the size of the labels on quick edit fields as currently they’re embarassingly small? If not, because format rules do not work on quick edit fields, then could you possibly at the very least normalize the label size to the same size as the form labels where the text size is sensible?


Column label sizes cannot be adjusted, except by adjusting the app’s font size (which affects everything).

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Those are one of the use cases where I wish to kick in custom css to control bits and small pieces…


Yes, it is possible that id, class name may change during the future update to the platform, but it is understandable. We app creator will be given option to set the custom css, at OWN RISK. If class name change and break up the css for existing then we made necessarily correction.



On forms the sizing of the labels and input fields is closer to each other, but for no reason on quick edit fields the text is so minuscule that even spry 20 year olds need to bring the phone closer.
That is poor design and looks like buggy software rather than a design choice and the input fields should have same sized labels across the app.

Obviously that’s the wrong solution to this problem and the trivially easy solution would be to add a textbox for inserting custom css to the head or the top of the body of a page, but that is so easy to implement that there is literally no reason why it doesn’t already exist, meaning it has to be an executive or marketing decision.

But at the very least the label sizes for input fields need to be equalized across the app.


I agree with you, but I’m not in a position to affect change on this.


Entirely understandable and sorry if I came off too cranky. That being said, should I just email the customer support or is there a better way to get the information to people who can do something about the labelling discrepancy?

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I would encourage you to create a Feature Request topic here in the community. Those are reviewed by the product team.