Quick Edit Filter Chart Complication

Hello Appsheet Community,

I am setting up a reporting page dashboard. The user is able to quick edit a detail view of a filter form that automatically changes the slice of the data. It’s based on this foundation: https://www.appsheet.com/samples/Allow-the-user-to-filter-a-view-based-on-a-form?appGuidString=91266cff-e843-46b8-a42b-3d85afedb37f

For my project, I have 3 columns the user can filter by: Office, District, and HS. I was able to set it up that the tables will automatically filter the combination of what they select in the quick edit detail. To do that, I used this formula in the filter area of the slice:

AND(ANY(reportFilter[Office]) = [Office], ANY(reportFilter[HS]) = [hs], ANY(reportFilter[District]) = [district])

This works. But, I want the user to also be able to not filter by one of these options. To achieve that, I tried adding an “All” option to each filter. I then adjusted the formula in the filter slice to the following:

IF(NOT([_THISROW].[Office]=“All”), ANY(reportFilter[Office]) = [Office], ISNOTBLANK([Office])),
IF(NOT([_THISROW].[hs]=“All”), ANY(reportFilter[HS]) = [hs], ISNOTBLANK([Office])),
IF(NOT([_THISROW].[district]=“All”), ANY(reportFilter[District]) = [district], ISNOTBLANK([Office]))

This does not work :frowning:. If I have a non-“All” value selected for each filter option the graphs filter correctly. But if I select “All” for any of them then the charts will not show me anything.

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Figured it out!

IF(IN(“All”,reportFilter[Office]),ISNOTBLANK([Office]),ANY(reportFilter[Office]) = [Office])
IF(IN(“All”,reportFilter[hs]),ISNOTBLANK([Office]),ANY(reportFilter[hs]) = [HS])
IF(IN(“All”,reportFilter[district]),ISNOTBLANK([District]),ANY(reportFilter[district]) = [District])