Quick edit input field label size

It seems like the label sizes on input fields of quick edit columns may have accidentally been defined to be too small and if done intentionally, then they are definitely too small for usage.

The size of the label (which cannot be changed because format rules don’t work on quick edit columns) is 6 times smaller than the input field resulting in text that is very tiny in practice.

Due to the significant size discrepancy between the font-size on the label and the input field, even changing the text size of the app won’t help because by the time you get reasonably sized label, everything else has become unusably large, meaning this cannot be how it has been intended to work as it disables the usability of other core functionalities of the app.

So could you fix the label size of the input field in quick edit fields to be the same size as the labels on input fields in forms where they are reasonably sized.

I know it’s such a small thing that it seems almost irrelevant, but for the end user it makes a huge difference.

Edit: This is a semi-repost from ‘report a bug’ to ‘feature requests’.