Quick edit - table view - date type column

For table quick edit.

When we try to edit the column with data type of ‘Date’, we wish to have a calendar to pop up to select the data, rather than manually type the date which is currently available settings.

This might have been requested by other users though.

Hmm, surprised this is the case. @Adam ??

This is the case in the browser.

There was some problem causing the popup not to appear when I tried to enable the calendar picker in this context. It seemed to be a bug in Chrome, eventually I gave up and just used the more basic input. I can take another look and see if it’s been fixed.

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Hi Adam, @Adam,

Just wondering if you could find a solution for this post. Any chance to get the calendar for imput on quick table editting mode ?

Appreciate for your update.

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Was going to make a feature request for quick edit in Deck View. Seemed similar to this so jumping on board. My idea is to be able to create an action to be used in deck view that would allow you to edit a column of your choice without having to go to the record to edit.

click on the icon in deck view and it would call up a dialogue box (similar to an enum list selection) and edit the column.