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I like the Quick Edit (beta) feature. However when used on my primary table view I want to add an action when the Quick Edit view is saved. Since it is a table and not a form under Event Actions it says row selected instead of Form Saved. Is there a way to access the Save action on Quick Edit table view? I don’t even see a separate view for Quick Edit table.

Actions cannot be used with Quick Edit. :frowning:

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Can you adapt your case to somehow use workflows instead ?!

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Why is there a save button then? Isn’t that an action?

I am not sure how one would do that.


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Thanks Steve! I have a child row that needs to updated when the parent row is updated. Is there a way that can be accomplished from the quick edit view?

The best you could do is use a workflow that triggers on the parent row change, then performs an action on the appropriate child rows. But a workflow won’t happen until a sync occurs, so there would be a delay.


I already tried it with a workflow but never got it to work. In the workflow log it says there is an error that says “Error: Perform DataAction ‘Update Strokes Row’ failed because Row having key ‘b2487abd’ in table ‘A_Flight_Scoring’ in field ‘Team’ ‘Editable_If’ condition returned ‘false’”. I have the editable_if condition in the child rows so users can’t edit them since they are formulas. The key listed in the error isn’t even the key for the row I updated. My data action ‘update strokes row’ works only on a row that has a set label like “Points”. The workflow doesn’t seem to know what row I updated. If I invoke that action directly from an action button it works fine. Any idea what is happening.

If I remove all of the editable if’s it works but of course the users can edit these fields. Is there any way to limit the users access but allow the workflow or system access? Also it looks like the workflow works on the entire table and not just a row.

You could use the following Editable? expression rather than just FALSE:

("Server" = CONTEXT("Host"))

See also:

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That worked!!! Thanks Steve.

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