Quick Question : About the length of the life of the bot event listener - Eternity, or short live?

Once the event happens, process to started. In the middle of process we have “Wait for condition” step. Bot will wait for the users interaction to the app to change the target data manually.

In this sense, I understand Bot stay active and keep watching and detecting the next event to trigger the subsequent processs, but it is possible the users interaction (change data) will happen today, or tomorrow, but maybe next year in a extream case.


In this context, how long this bot will alive on the backend ?

One day?
One week?
A year?

Any of those or none?

My assumption : From the surface, it looks like BOT is waiting for something (data change) as we set this step as “wait for a condition” as a name, but it could be actually turned to be another event listener, just detect the change in the row/column. so actually bot is not waiting anything… So answer to this question should be forever? until we remove the bot from the app…

Thank you.



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You are correct the bot will wait until the condition is met.

In the future we will add an ability for the user to define a timeout and branch on whether the condition was met or timed out.

Hi @Dan_Bahir

Thank you for your advice. Good to know. So possibly BOT may live longer than me technically speaking.

“Im dying today, but bot i created will live forever.” Nice.

Yes, controlling timeout sounds more fancy. Great stuffs.

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