Quick question about what tables Workflows ca...


Quick question about what tables Workflows can have access to

I have an app that is connected to two different google sheets with multiple tables.

One sheet is active data that others update and use, and the other sheet I am using to provide supplemental content to the app (such as help and messages).

I was trying to set up an Action to trigger a workflow in the Project Reviews Request table.

When I looked the tables that the Workflows can access I only see 4 (and not the one I need), but the actions can access all 7.

Can someone help me understand why the Tables lists are different for workflows vs actions?

How do I watch the Project Review Request table for changes?

Any inputs appreciated!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

All tables are accessible in a workflow rule.

However, if a table is marked as read-only, it won’t be available for a change workflow rule.


Thanks @praveen!

This means I needed to change the table access so at least I could make changes (and thereby allow workflows to happen).




Now the tables all show.

I just have to figure out why I am getting sync errors using this SWITCH approach (but that’s another thread)!