Quick question. How does one change the colum...

(Chipp Walters) #1

Quick question. How does one change the column order of the default form (the one which is loaded when you click on the big + button on the bottom right)?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Create a slice and change the order of the column in the slice. Then setup the view to be on the slice, not the table. Make sure the slice also permits Adds.

(Chipp Walters) #3

@praveen Yep, I did that already and the form did not take the order from the view slice, but rather it took the order from the table. Possibly a bug or is there something else to check?

(Chipp Walters) #4

Nevermind. I tried it on a different computer and it works now! Thanks :wink: