Quick question. I'm creating a personal app f...

(Anthony Smith) #1

Quick question. I’m creating a personal app for my wife and I that’s not business related. Currently, I’m using the app in Prototype using OneDrive (which requires Premium). I’m looking to add her to the app, but I need to deploy it due to OneDrive being a premium feature. Is there anyway around the pricing structure since I ONLY intend to use this for my wife and I? I’m not willing to switch to Google sheets due to using Power Bi post any app additions. I also have an image field that would capture photos, which would be best in an offline scenario (a Premium feature). Please help!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Anthony,

Prototype vs Deploy — this has nothing to do with the premium features or data sources. You can add your wife while your app is in prototype mode.

(Anthony Smith) #3

@praveen , I did. Thank you for your response by the way! Truly appreciated. When I added her, the app wasn’t able to be pulled up for her (she rec’d an error). When I tried to address the error, I was informed by one of AppSheet’s menus that I need to switch to Premium. Happy to screen shot or provide the error code if desired?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Sure. Please send the info.

You should be able to add her to the user whitelist for the app.

And at the top left of the app editor, you can toggle between Prototype and Deployed mode.