Quick Question... Public White label apps ca...

(Tara Holladay) #1

Quick Question…

Public White label apps can still have user login with their own unique information, correct? That said, do they have to have a google/dropbox/etc account? Can someone download my white label app, login with a yahoo or hotmail account, and be good to go?

My app has a schedule, with different class options for each time slot. Users select which classes they want to attend and it shows up in their “my classes” view. This all works great as a prototype app (though they have to have a gmail address). I just want to make sure it will be the same FOR ANY EMAIL if I publish it white label.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Tara_Holladay, no, there are only a standard set of allowed auth/signin providers. Yahoo is not one of them. However, hotmail works ( ---- they sign in via ‘Office365’).

(Tara Holladay) #3

Is there a way to have a white label app WITH user sign-in? I tried to deploy on the publisher-pro plan and it said I couldn’t because I had user sign-in. What are my options?

(Tara Holladay) #4

I want to have the app in the appstore for attendees of a conference to download on their own (I don’t have a list of emails for who will be attending), and select what classes they are going to (among other things). I’m pretty sure I need the user sign-in to keep everyone’s class selections private to their own device. If I want to keep that feature the same, would I have to email the app link to all the attendees and have them go through the appsheet app to use it?

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

May I ask this… where do you need that data for the user if he/she has already filled the form? If they need to know it, you could send that with an email when they have saved the form.

(Tara Holladay) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio that wouldn’t really work because the “form” is really just selecting a referenced class that adds to an intermediary table. There are 12 class periods, with 4 different options to choose from in each period. So they’re have 12 emails. Here’s a pic of what I want (and currently have), I just don’t know how to keep it with a public app.

Each user can “add” a class to their schedule. (Those selections get put into an intermediary table with columns [class] & [userEmail]. Then when they look at the full schedule, the classes they selected get a green check mark next to them. They only see the ones they selected, not anybody else’s.

Is there any way for users to see their filtered selections in a white label public app that doesn’t require user sign-in?

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

When the app is public, everybody can see the data. If that’s okay, you can use Usersettings & slice for that purpose. Please remember that Usersettings IS NOT a password-based signin mechanism. Passwords need a higher level of security and such use violates Appsheet’s terms of use.