Quick scan and put away function for inventory


I have a page view that has multiple rows each containing: a photo image, a product barcode, and an editable ‘scannable’ text box. I am trying to reduce the amount of clicking I have to do the following:
select the required row from the primary view by scanning the item barcode> go to the row for that item>scan the items storage location> move on to the next item to scan and repeat.

I am able to search for the item using the search at the top of the primary view, and I can enter the storage location by scanning the storage location barcode. Is there any way to remove all the clicking to get between views and into the editable ‘scannable’ text box. I’m aware of the behaviour that lets you move to a specific form view, but would need the action to be triggered by scanning an item barcode.

Hope this makes sense and thanks very much in advanced again

Set your scannable field as required.
Just show this scannable field only on your form view. Set the form view as auto-save, as well as advanced-automatically.
Then attach any deeplink action to this form so that you let the user navigate next as what you want.

On your case, I further recommend that you make just a quick table, Id and one scannable field, just for “scanning purpose” only.

This quick sample app may help




Thanks very much for your help, must admit it took me a couple hours to figure out exactly how to make it work, but I’ve got there so thanks very much.

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