Quick Update System - How to update records in your app with a push of a button

Of course you can!

  • Any action you run by pressing it, can be done via automation.

    • Keep in mind though, that these updates are made server-side, so your users will have to wait for a sync to happen in order to get the results

      • Versus doing all the updates client-side via actions.

This is the system you need to put in place in order to accomplish the effect of being able to “quick update” a record; how you execute the action doesn’t matter.


I am able to update 1 row at a time but I want to update all rows in the table when we click the button.
Please let me know how to do this. Thank You! :blush::pray:

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Hello @Total_Solutions, please see the section above:

The method is the same as that, but instead of passing the [Related Whatever] column into the “Referenced Rows” space, you instead pass it the table you wish to update:

  • Specifying the appropriate table (in the “Referenced Table” dropdown) and the associated Update action (in the “Referenced Action” dropdown.

Thank You! :blush::pray:

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