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QuickEdit Action - Availability Conditions

Love the newly released QuickEdit for tables feature. One question I have though is how can one apply availability conditions? I’ve tried applying conditions to the edit action of a specific table. Either this condition is ignored when in table quickedit mode OR the QuickEdit action is not yet exposed to the app dev?..

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Do you mean using a formula to control the Update Mode of a table? It should still be respected in the QuickEdit mode. Adding @Adam_Stone_AppSheet

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@praveen Not exactly. I would like to control whether the ability to QuickEdit is available, either not shown or disabled for certain users. In this case, I attempted to use an expression to do so which seems to be ignored.

I assumed the QuickEdit was exposed as a system action and simply ‘labeled’ edit. Setting an availability condition on the edit action of the table had no effect on the QuickEdit availability. Any user was able to use the QuickEdit feature regardless of the set availability condition. To work around this limitation, one must set the Edit_If of each column.