Quickly and easily generate Tutorial contents and place on Appsheet app as materials for guide users

My clients ask for “user manual” for app I newly created , but my quick answer is it will not help as people will not have a look at those “paper” manual. But clients ask for manual sort of things.

It is quite time consuming to complete a set of manual even a few page, capture screenshot, adding arrow and other drawing, captions etc. That is one of works I totally hate.

Recently I found one tool, called Iorad. Not sure if any of Appsheet community member use this, but let me share in the community.

People may think this is just screenshot capturing tool, but it is not.

I have been testing this for the last few weeks and placed the tutorials which are generated by this iorad onto Appsheet app, and now receiving relatively positive feedback.

I m still on the free plan, but I may upgrade to paid plan. To get the quick insight, I placed their youtube link as well.

This will be making my life far more easier. They convert the texts I place as caption into natural voice and language using Amazon APIs. Nice.



Sorry I wrongly placed as feature request but could you change this to tips and tricks?
Thank you!


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