Quickly referencing records together from within a dashboard. Sample App

Wasn’t very sure how to describe this one, see GIF below. This is functionality that I just created similarly in another app. I thought it was a pretty good setup so I thought I’d share it.

Sample app “Grouping Sample App” here:

Take note of the Format Rules, the three Actions, one Slice, and of course the Table/Column configurations.

Hope this idea is useful for others, or that it inspires some other related Appsheet creativity.


I examined the example. I found these expressions very stylish.

1- [_THISROW] = MAXROW (“Groups”, “Flag”) - Slices
This statement in particular is enormous, it is the gateway to solutions.
2- IN ([_THISROW], flagged group [id]) - Format Rules

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Thanks again and again.


Glad you liked it!

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@Marc_Dillon Could you please help me to understand this one: the data for column “Groups” in view “Items” showed in text (Fruits, Toy,…)

But in database, it’s still number:

As you noticed in your screenshot, the base data type is Ref, pointing to the Groups table. Those numbers are the key values in the Groups table. The text visible in the app are the Label values.


Many thanks @Marc_Dillon