Quickly sync two tables

I’m currently splitting a rather large app into two: one will be facing the end user, while the other will be used only by a handful of people who manage the content (CMS).

I would like to implement a mechanism in the CMS app where the editor uploads some CSVs, then examines all the refs and stuff (data health), then hits the sync data and the tables get ‘flushed’ into the workbook for the end users.

So far, I’ve been able to test this by deleting all the rows of the target table, then batch copying the new rows. It works, but it’s super slow.

What’s the fastest way to replace a table with the contents taken from another table?

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Copy/Paste from one sheet to the next.

You could automate this with a script I guess; I could envision a system where you could flag things for upload, then hit a button and the app syncs and triggers a script to copy the records from one table to the other.

But honestly, I just go the easy route and copy/paste from one to the next.

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