QuickStart Apps

For. The. Love. Of. God.


Just because I transferred a Google Sheet into an account doesnt mean I want AppSheet to create an app for me - I already have an app in the account with the same name as the quickstart AppSheet created.

Pretty sure that’s a localized issue cause I don’t even know what a quickstart app is and I’ve been using appsheet for a year without it creating apps automatically. Contacting support@appsheet.com is your best bet.

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I have never seen one in my main account, but several have appeared in a GSuite account owned/managed by one of my clients.

My user in their GSuite domain is not the main AppSheet account holder, I’m just a user in their domain. I was added to the domain after they had several apps built. I suspect these apps are designated as Team Samples by the main account-holder, and they are automatically copied to new users added to the team.

Is your account part of an AppSheet Team? Do you have any of your own apps set as Team Samples?

My accounts have nothing to do with GSuite, although thinking about what you said, maybe AppSheet is going off the email address that the account uses? Its an address that looks like a company email but is really hosted by Google mail underneath. I created it specifically because AppSheet doesnt let us customise the email that is shown to users when they fill in a form (Data permissions, GDPR, etc.) and I want them to see my agency email, not “xxxxxxx@gmail.com”.

Escalated internally. Please also contact support@appsheet.com.

To clarify some confusion about QuickStart apps, they are really just a short-cut to help new app creators rapidly build apps. Instead of having to say “New App”, open the dialog, choose a sheet, etc, this takes the most recent updated sheets, checks if an app already exists on it, and if not, shows a “fake” quickstart app. This is not created until the app creator actually clicks to open it. For a brand new app creator who signs in on the website and doesn’t know what to do next, this is helpful.

However, it becomes less useful for more experienced app creators, which is why we turn this off after a few days.

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That does sounds like a pretty nice feature when starting out.