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I have just started to explore Appsheet and wondering if my objective can be achieved -

  1. I basically want to have a collaborative Excel sheet with rights managed access to view specific areas. Only the initiator will have the full view and can do any sort of analysis / calculation etc.

  2. The initiator should be able to simply upload the original Excel file to the portal / web (with access given to specific email id) and demarcate which person can fill up which areas. And of course, each one of the respondents can’t see each other’s input.

  3. The initiator shouldn’t be bothered to do any Excel to table mapping also as I, as an Admin want to predetermine that and want to do those parts. Basically, as an Admin I want to do all the tech / coding part and let the initiator does the usage part.

Any clue / sample app which may help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @Smaji
Welcome to the community.

Yes to everything :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest you take a look to these articles:

I suggest you pick any sample app on this URL to make some tries and get familiar with these notions.

Please feel free to look into the community for any question regarding specific points you are trying to achieve : someone probably asked before :slight_smile: