Ran into a snag today. Show If formulas in T...

(James Kipp) #1

Ran into a snag today.

Show If formulas in Table Views suddenly stopped functioning today.

My formula (IN(Useremail(),Managers[email])) calculate properly in tests, but Appsheet no longer shows the table view when TRUE.

I see there are other changes regarding Useremail() usage. Does anybody know if this could affect this instance or what has changed?

My app is still a prototype and requires user sign-in.

(app ic339) #2

this formula stopped working too

IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(ПОЛЬЗ[Почта], IN([Роль],{“Админ”,“Менеджер”})))

This is a big problem for me. Please, help!!! Translate

(Kirk Masden) #3

“Show if” condition “COUNT(SELECT(D to W[Word], [Validation]=1))=0” suddenly stopped working on UXs in my app:

plus.google.com - Something that has been working without a hitch for months is suddenly not wo… Something that has been working without a hitch for months is suddenly not wo… plus.google.com

(Kirk Masden) #4

@Deep_Foundations My app is working again.

If you open your app on the web browser (the editing platform), doesn’t it work there now?


@Deep_Foundations It should be fixed now, you may need to close and restart the app if you still see the problem.

@Kirk_Masden when you test the expression in the editor (where it opens a new window with the result for each row), you can click the blue icon under the result to expand it, this shows the intermediate results computed by the different sub-expressions.

(Kirk Masden) #6

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Ah, I see that I had blocked pop up windows on Safari (Mac user).

My problem is solved now.

Perhaps some sort of message for users who have blocked pop-up windows would be useful.

(James Kipp) #7

The fix worked for my app too.

Thank you!


@Kirk_Masden is this on a column or a view? edit: nevermind, I misread, ‘on UXs’ I take would mean it’s a view condition. @app_ic339 is this also a Show_If, and is it on a column or view?

(Kirk Masden) #9

Thanks @Adam_Stone_AppSheet!

Yes, on a view.


I think I see the problem. I’ll try to get a fix out in the next few minutes.

(Kirk Masden) #11


Much appreciated!


We’re releasing an update now with a fix. You may need to fully close and relaunch the app to make sure the update is applied. Thanks for reporting the issue.

(Kirk Masden) #13

My app is working again.


(Kirk Masden) #14

By the way, @Adam_Stone_AppSheet, I wonder if there is any way that the “test” function on the expression assistant could work more like a real tester – giving concrete feedback as to what numbers, etc are being calculated.

In comparison with spreadsheets, I feel like I’m working in the dark with expressions.

Obviously, such testing capability is particularly useful for debugging but I think it’s also necessary for building more complicated expressions.

(Deep Foundations) #15

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet will this be fixed soon?