Random and Limit!

Hiya - I’m trying to randomise and limit a sheet to the top 10 or so records. I’d created a virtual column using Randombetween(1,99999), the idea being that i could then only return the top n rows each time

However, the virtual column seems to be the same for each row! What am i doing wrong? Cheers

can anyone give me a hand with this? I’m a little wet behind the ears with it!

So, i have a single table of data. I want to be able to display 10 or so rows randomly from that data in a list. How can I do that? When I try randombetween i get the same number on each row in the app. I want to use this virtual column to sort the data, and potentially limit the data to only 10 rows.
thanks for any help!

I’m not sure it’s possible. I’ve noticed, too, that RANDBETWEEN() seems to return the same random number for the same arguments when the expression is evaluated across many columns at once. You could try varying the arguments:


ah wonderful! that does it! Cheers

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