Randomly change background image

I found this site.

Get the url like

and place this to UX pane, brand tab, either background or launch image.

This will randomly change the image.

Just for a fun.


It looks like sync of app wont change the image. But when i close the app on browser and restart the app with sync, the different image was rendered.FYG.


I put images I want to alternate in a folder on my server and number them. Then I use RANDBETWEEN() in a concatenate expression to put the URL together:

Concatenate(“first part of url”,RANDBETWEEN(1,10),".jpg")

Works quite nicely.


Nice Kirk.

Enjoy customization of your apps!

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Is it supposed to work by having the code there? I can’t get it. Thx

I haven’t tried it with the app logo, thought I think it should work there too. I’ve actually used CONCATENATE to do this in SHOW and IMAGE columns.

Ok. Looks like it’s not possible to add this in the brand fields. Thx

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Thanks for responding. I just check on my own app and I see that the place where the URL goes doesn’t take app formulas. So I guess you’re right. We can’t use app formulas here.