Ranking and change order of the rows in the spreadsheet

Hi, what a nice platform is Appsheet. I like ti very much.
I’m developing a project management app to line up projects in a pipeline.
For this app, the ordering of the projects is important as that reflects the order of the projects in the pipeline.

I like to give the user the opportunity to change the order of the projects in the pipeline by pressing an arrow up or down (of one place up, or once place down), or giving the opportunity to move between two projects or before or after a specific project.

How to best approach this? How can I change the order of projects (or an ordering number) in the spreadsheet in response to an update in the app?

Thanks a lot!

Not possible from AppSheet.

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Hi Steve
thanks. Ive found a workaround by keeping track of the rank in the spreadsheet, and doing an update on two records to swap the rank number. A bit slow and not very robust but kind of works. For a proto type fine right now.
Thanks. You are doing a good job helping so many people in their journey. very much appreciated

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