Ranking Table

I would like to rank alterantives (listed in a column) by criteria (listed in another column).
In order to do so, is it possible to create a new table in which the first column is made up of the different alternatives and the top row lists the criteria so that I can then use this “matrix” to rate the criteria for each alternative and finally calculate an overall ranking order for the alternatives?
If this is not possible with AppSheet, are there other ways to achieve a type of “ranking table”?

Welcome to the AppSheet community.

I think you will need to give more details so that the community could revert on feasibility and if feasible, the better approach.

You may also find the below post useful for various AppSheet references.


Thanks for your response and sorry for not being clear. In essence, I would like to build an app to rate/rank/evaluate different alternatives.
So, in a first step, I created a table to list and specify alternatives, e.g., various cars. That was no problem.
In a second step, I then created a table to list and specify various criteria that can be used to rate and rank the alternative, e.g., for cars criteria include fuel consumption, number of passengers, speed, price, etc.
I now struggle to achieve a third step in which try to link Steps 1 and 2. I could not find posts or sample apps in this regard. Hence I though the community could help. In the ende, I would like to rate each criteria from Step 2 for each alternative from Step 1 to calculate a rank order of alternative, e.g., the most preferred car based on its score on the criteria of fuel consupmtion, speed etc.
Happy to provide more details if needed. Thanks!

Thank you for the update. I sounds that you are looking for an app design solution rather than a specific feature or expression query.

It will be a bit difficult to suggest, because the most appropriate approach can be only possible, if all the relevant details are known. For example will each of the criteria is applicable for each of the cars? This and such more considerations will decide the best app configuration approach.

The queries in community are typically better useful for a specific issue ( such as expressions not working, a particular feature or AppSheet functions queries and even a general direction in the app design requirement). In general, your requirement is definitely within Appsheet capabilities.

I also could not find any specific sample apps matching your requirement. The app below is very slightly related and you may want to take a look just to get a feel. Also you may want to take a look at the following article that guides how and when two tables can be referenced to each other.


All the best.


Thanks a lot!
I will take a second look and keep thinking…
Looking at the sample apps from AppSheet, the one on projecct management comes closest. Imagine that you want to evaluate each project in terms of it´s business potential and cost. So, projects with the highest business potential and lowest cost are of course the best. I would do this with two added columns, one column for each of the two criteria, i.e., business potential and cost.
The difficulty in my envisigioned app though is that I want users to be free to creat their criteria. I.e., instead of business potential they may use a criterium like customer satisfaction and instead of cost they may use something like number of engineers involved. They may even add more than two criteria.
So, I somehow need a way to rate each project with each criteria the user comes up with. Hence my initial idea on the table where the projects are lined up on the left and the criteria are from left to right on the top. The middle of the resulting matrix then are the scorings for each criterium.
Maybe this way of looking at it helps to uderstand better. But yes, in the end, each alternative/project is to be ranked with each criterion.