Read and Write to Filemaker Data API

Is there a way to create an app, that can Read to the filemaker data api.
This is a normal CURL api and we are looking for CRUD perfomance,
Thanks for you input.
We could write the app for filemaker GO… but that restricts us to only iOS devices… with appsheets we could “easily” have global app that runs in all platforms.

No, AppSheet does not support using data from an external API as the datasource itself. You can make API calls to external services, but not use the response as a table.

AppSheet does support using an SQL datasource if you upgrade to the business plan. And you could install an ODBC driver on the FileMaker server or dedicated workstation to connect to AppSheet.

How many tables/records to you have?

It may be better to rebuild the backend in Google Sheets so you can migrate without needing a business plan. I believe the business account starts at $15k/year for 100 users.

I’ve been developing in FMP for over 10 years, and I’m an AppSheet Partner developer. Feel free to message me if you have questions on migration.


Does this help you?

Webhook Sample App

New Row via Webhook

Hey Greenflux. Thank you for your reply. I will look into it.
Not yet ready to “abandon” our investment in Filemaker and have Google sheets as as backend. Today we write around 100 Records/day with the workers login in, when they arrive at the factory, typing their credential PIN into an iPhone and and iPad that are in the factory. We wanted an easy way to have this work on Android too… ODCD would be no problem.