Read google drive folder as table

I tested GA version of this feature and functionalities, I see improvement from preview, but still invite the clarification from Google.

Firstly, we can set this virtual table to permit add, delete, update, read only.
Yes, once we set all rights, then we are able to add new row (upload new files) to the source folder. And I also tested a few.

  1. Run Automation based on add new row even to this table. It worksed as expected.
  2. Save the new file to folder directly. BOT DID not run. Seems BOT is not able to listen the event happning outside app.
  3. We are not change the data on this table, while we are able to set table to update. Yes, form view is to open to edit row data. I did make a change, and save. But it revert to the original data set upon sync. (Encounter error at the end)
  4. Basicall the table is not EDITABLE as a whole, so we are not able to generate BOT, triggered by update row event.
  5. Set the table row deletable. Delete the row on the app, and sync. Then we encounter error.
  6. On add new event is listened by BOT, and test bot sent me email. But the email body and attachment are all collapsed.

I m not sure all those stuffs I observed are expected and intended or not.

My impression is now that we can add new row (file) only so far, but unable to change meta file data, as well as delete files from app.

Hopeful someone specialist in Google advise to me.


Thanks for the thorough review.

You are correct that we currently don’t support add events on the table from outside your app, we are working on this and hope to release it soon. This means asynchronous events from your drive folder are not yet available.

We have support for add operations, but not delete or updates to existing rows. We will prioritize including support for the delete operation, but editing metadata is more complicated and we will have to think about the best way to support this.

For the time being, it is best to think of this type of table as an append only table.

Hi @Phil, thank you very much for your advice and clarification, which is inline with what I see and expected as well.

My suggestion is systems should prevent App cretors to set table to deletable, nor updatable. Just either read-only or add only. Otherwise the app users would face the problem to sync the changes.

This operation would returns errors. (delete or update)
Then unless user re-set change, the app is NOT going to be runnable. Meaning the subsequent change to data will also stuck with the app, and keep failing sync to the server, again until they reset the apps.
This is bit a danger for those who don’t know how this folder originated virtual table would work.

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Additional thoughtful recommendation is to set the LastModifiedBy field initial value to app owners email address or leaving blank by making the field un-editable upon loading folder by default.
When we add row (file) newly to the table, we can type any email address, but at the end, the emai value is set to app owner (or more precisely, the owners of the folder) is appearing whatsoever case. This should make sense to me.

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