Read Only Slice in a Dashboard View That Has Not Happened Yet

I’ve created a READ ONLY slice based on my main data source and have included this in a Dashboard View. The problem is, the SLICE has yet to occur, meaning there is zero data inside the slice because it has not happened yet, but will. How do I set this slice view in the dashboard to SHOW IF it becomes populated.

Right now, the dashboard only shows the name/header of the slice but there’s nothing below it.

Any guidance on how to set the SHOW IF?




Thanks Steve. This worked and I understand the logic. Is there any information on the use of _ROWNUMBER or others? I’ve seen this before where the underscore is used like in _THISROW, etc. but want to know more.

Nothing organized; it’s scattered piecemeal throughout the help docs.

The _ROWNUMBER column value is a unique numeric value assigned by AppSheet itself to each row. For data stored in a spreadsheet, the _ROWNUMBER value corresponds to the spreadsheet row number. I don’t know to what or even if the _ROWNUMBER value corresponds to anything for data stored in a database. For reasons I won’t bother with here, a _ROWNUMBER value may change when a sync occurs–which is why it shouldn’t be used as the key column–but between syncs, each row is guaranteed to have a unique, unchanging _ROWNUMBER value.

_THISROW is an alias for the key column of to the row for which an expression is being evaluated. If the expression being evaluated includes a SELECT() or related sub-expression, [_THISROW] may be dereferenced from the sub-expression to access the evaluating row.

_THIS is an alias for the current column being subject to a column constraint. It’s just a shortcut.

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