Read-only when I try to edit the row but lets me add/delete

View is tied to the table and has full privileges.
But when I edit the row, the row comes up grayed out and I am unable to edit.
So I go back to the table view and hit the “+” and it lets me add a new row.
Likewise, I can select the row and hit the garbage-can icon to delete the newly created row.
Puzzled why it is not letting me edit. What have I missed?

@Mahesh are you using slice for that table? Can you check the read/write privileges for the slice if you have?

@LeventK, slice permission is indeed what I first thought but I am using the table directly. But just to force it refresh permissions I made table read-only, saved and then set back to full privileges. That did not help.
So I created a new slice with full privileges and used it for the view instead. Did not help. Really strange.

Any other suggestion

Can you also check your column structure and explicitly check those greyed out columns provided Editable_if is set to OFF unintentionally?

You mean this setting

Correct. But as per your screenshot, it seems fine.

The KEY column value may not be changed once its row is first saved.

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Good catch @Steve. Rather than the key column’s value, I assumed that some other columns’ values are greyed out when @Mahesh is trying to edit the row data therefore trying to dig out what could be the possible reasons.


Thanks @Steve and @LeventK

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